Artisans since 1988. We make homemade fritters, the same ones that have done in their homes the valencian moms and grandmas. Our fritters are made of pumpkin, fig, and sometimes also sweet potato and plantain.

Pumpkin fritters: born in Valencia.

The first society that consumed the fritters on the peninsula was the Moorish, in the 5th century, after the Romans.  They were already made in street stalls, especially in Seville and Granada. To Valencia came by the influence of the Moorish people. The gypsies, after the expulsion Moorish Varen adopted this speciality, expandiéndolaed by the peninsula until the present day.
In each place they were made differently, originally they were of flour, yeast and water. Some of them contained potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggs or cheese.

In Valencia, they started to make them the women of the Carpenters, at the beginning of what would later be the faults. But it was the inhabitants of L’Horta of Valencia who began to prepare them with pumpkin to take advantage of the surpluses of the harvest of the season. The fig fritters are typical in Castellón.

Our pumpkin fritters:


What people say about us:

“Only after eating them in this traditional position can be said that you have tried the authentic no events Valencians” Salvador O.

“Los mejores buñuelos que he probado sin duda alguna. Los de higo son una delicia, sencillamente deliciosos.” Emilio.

“The best of all Valencia.”

Salvador T.

“The best homemade fig and pumpkin fritters from all over Valencia with difference” 

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