About us

Our mission

Make a product that preserve the essence of the Valencian tradition is very important for us. Therefore, we make them at the traditional way step by step, so that they stay totally traditional pumpkin fritters, as they used to be. The result is appreciated in the taste and quality.

We use a traditional earthenware bowl and we treat all the ingredient by hand until the final result. The yeast we use is the same one used by bakers to cook bread. Also, we know that an excellent handmade product requires time, so we let the dough rest for as long as it needs.

The quality of ingredients is very important for a good result, and in addition to use ingredients of Valencian origin, we add ecological pumpkin and flour without preservatives or additives.


How we make them

First we select the pumpkins, cut and cook in the oven. When the pumpkins are already roasted, we peel and dissolve them with hot water in a earthenware bowl. Then we add yeast, and when all ingredients are mixed, add the flour. Finally, we knead the dough by hand a few minutes and let it covered, resting until it goes up.

We heat the sunflower oil at the right temperature and fry the pumpking fritter giving them the typical shape with the hole in the middle. One they are done, we add a little sugar on top.

For those of fig, we use the same dough of pumpkin, but we add a dry fig previously dipped in a bit of anise. This fritter is orbed without the hole in the middle, and each of them has a fig inside.